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Youth unemployment is a growing problem right across the country, with over a third of all those claiming Jobseekers Allowance now between the ages of 18 and 24.

Nearly 1.5 million of our young people are now not in work or full-time education in Britain, and a significant number of those in work are under-employed.

Many are unable to get the skills and qualifications they need to find work, a situation made worse by scrapping the Educational Maintenance Allowance and increases in university tuition fees.

MPs supporting the charter
The Government's response to this youth jobs crisis has been poor. Successful initiatives have been scrapped and then reinstated with less funding. The TUC has launched a Charter for ‘A Future That Works’ (read it here), which calls for positive action by the government NOW on youth unemployment. 

Some MPs have backed it already (check if yours has done so here), but it needs more support to get government attention.

Please help us by asking your MP to commit to sign the Charter and to take practical action to give young people a Future that Works.

The more local MPs who support the Charter, the more the government will see how worried and angry people across the UK are about youth unemployment.

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