Q: What would it cost to double the wages of Bangladesh's garment workers? A: 2p extra on a £6 t-shirt

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Better pay and safety in Bangladesh is affordable

Don’t be guilt-tripped into thinking that poor wages and dangerous working conditions in Bangladesh’s textile industry are because western consumers – often finding it more and more difficult to balance their budget - want cheaper clothes.

Information from unions in Bangladesh shows that wages could be doubled with almost no effect on the prices we pay.

What would make the most difference would be for brands and manufacturers to negotiate decent terms and conditions for textile workers with their trade unions, and for the Bangladeshi Government to enforce stronger safety laws.

You can demand that companies treat workers more fairly and tell the Government of Bangladesh to put workers’ rights and safety first by taking this e-action run by the global union for textile workers, IndustriALL.

> Help IndustriALL lobby Bangladesh's government on safety and pay

 /> /> IndustriALLNote: This online action is run by campaign group LabourStart on behalf of the global union federation IndustriALL, not by us at Going To Work. If you sign it, you will be sharing data with them rather than with us.
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