Let's Work Together to spread some public service solidarity!

The Workers are a group of 14 public service staff from around the country, who've come together to record the classic song 'Let's Work Together' as an anthem to raise awareness and spirits ahead of the day of action on 30 November. Please help them get the message across by watching the video, downloading the song, and spreading the word.

Public service workers are under a lot of strain - Job losses are happening at an even higher rate than in the private sector, and government cuts mean more people are needing to fall back on our public services in a time of need - putting more strain on fewer staff. Added to this, the government are planning to drastically cut their pensions, and make people work much longer and pay much more into the bargain. This will mean many low paid staff unable to afford to contribute to any pensions provision at all - a race to the bottom that will do nothing to help pensions under attack in the private sector too.

Public sector unions are staging a day of action on 30 November, to highlight the problem, with events happening all over the country. This song is trying to help set the mood music for a united and positive day of action, and raise money for Age UK into the bargain.

What can you do?

1. Watch the video:

2. Buy the single:

You can download the single from loads of online stores, including iTunes, for around 99p. Here's a list of some of the places you can download it. Around 40p from the purchase price will go to Age UK.

3. Spread the word:

Without the record industry's regular mega promotion budgets, this project is going to stand or fall on how many people tell their friends and colleagues about the single. Please take a minute to use our tools below to send a Tweet, Facebook share or email to your friends, and bring them to this page to check out the song!

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Let's Work Together to spread some public service solidarity!

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Want to know more?

You can read more about the day of action on 30 November, and the arguments against the government's proposals over public service pensions at pensionsjustice.org.uk